Information Technologies Updates

University Information Technologies Update, Friday, April 28, 2023

ITS has restored email capabilities. For the rest of the semester, ITS is utilizing Google Mail for all current students and employees beginning Friday, April 28. This means student service will resume as usual. Employees who may have questions about using Google Mail can visit the ITS-created website at for more specific details. 

This process allows for the University to immediately resume email service as well as preserve older email before the transition to Office 365 in the coming weeks. Users can go to this site for detailed information on accessing email: The IT Service Center is available for in-person assistance in Pickler Memorial Library 203 or by calling 660.785.4544. Hours of operation for the IT Service Center are 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday.

Any necessary future updates on this situation will now be sent via email. Anyone not previously signed up for TruAlerts can now do so at

FAQ (Added Friday, April 28, 2023)

When can I get my email?

Will I be able to get the emails sent to my account while service was down?

Will emails I received before the loss of service still be available to me?

Where do I go to login to my email now?

I am having problems logging into my email, what should I do?

I thought we were switching to Office 365. Why is Google Mail being used now?

What about the Student Government elections that were taking place when the outage occurred?

University Information Technologies Update, Thursday, April 27, 2023

Most Truman network services have been restored, including secure Wi-Fi and devices Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was restored to most of campus yesterday, with the exception of residence halls, which were brought online this morning. Users may be asked to “Accept the Certificate.” This is a safe and necessary step for individuals to resume their Wi-Fi activity. Anyone experiencing connectivity issues should contact the IT Service Center in Pickler Memorial Library 203 or by calling 660.785.4544. Technical difficulties may be unique to a particular device or user and not indicative of the network as a whole. 

Updates on this situation will continue to be posted on this page. ITS has created a page with more detailed technical information and practical troubleshooting tips, which can be found at Anyone not previously signed up for TruAlerts can now do so at

FAQ (Added Thursday, April 27, 2023)

What is safe to use and are there any services I should not be using right now?

Is Blackboard safe to use?

I am still having difficulty logging in to Blackboard and/or connecting to the Wi-Fi, what can I do?

Do I need to change my password and how can I do so?

Why did it take longer for Wi-Fi to be restored compared to other services?

What is the difference between intranet, internet and Wi-Fi?

What if I have concerns about the academic flexibility mentioned in the April 26 update?

Is there a public option for students in need of computer access?

Have final exams been cancelled?

Was any personally identifiable information compromised?

University Information Technologies Update, Wednesday, April 26, 2023

ITS has restored several network capabilities, including internet access, Blackboard, Google Suite, the Truman website and TruView. Technology in classrooms has been largely restored. Specialized software is now available on instructor consoles. However, specialized software is not yet reinstalled on student machines in computer classrooms. Students can now print in Violette Hall 2001, Pickler Memorial Library and all residence halls with the exception of Campbell Apartments. 

Email services are still in the process of being restored. Currently, employee email remains offline and students can send but not receive messages. To resume services, ITS is moving up the previously scheduled campus-wide transition to Office 365 email. Originally planned for later this summer, this transition will not alter any campus email addresses. Because this transition is being done on an accelerated timeline, not all features will be immediately available, but it will allow email service to resume. Multi-factor authentication is included with Office 365 email.    

In terms of academic flexibility, rules and penalties for late assignments, missed tests and other deadlines do not apply for any work that was due between Friday, April 21, and the end of the semester. Faculty will likely need to reduce or eliminate assignments and other graded work in order to meet published end-of-semester grade-submission deadlines. This action will also provide students and faculty ample time to prepare and grade final exams.

Updates on this situation will continue to be found on this page. ITS has created a page with more detailed technical information and practical troubleshooting tips, which can be found at

FAQ (Added Wednesday, April 26, 2023)

Will the Student Research Conference go on as scheduled?

I am an hourly employee, or I supervise an hourly employee. What do I need to do?

University Information Technologies Update, Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Significant progress has been made in restoring University IT Services. On Tuesday, April 25, ITS was able to start bringing network servers back online. ITS is continuing to install the necessary security software on all Truman-issued Windows-based devices. Once ITS staff members have serviced a device, an employee may login. Truman-issued Windows-based devices should remain powered off until an ITS staff member has installed the update. Over the next several days, users will be prompted to change their password. 

The Truman intranet is now back online, which is a key step to restoring many network capabilities. The internet should be available by 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 26. Blackboard and Google Suite services should be available by noon. Students should also regain the ability to print. 

ITS will be closely monitoring services as they resume and intermittent outages may occur. As the network comes back online, anyone who attempts to access a resource or use a service two or three times without success after 12 p.m. Wednesday should contact the IT Service Center in Pickler Memorial Library 203 or by calling 660.785.4544.

Employee emails are expected to be available later in the week. 

Network drives used for file storage should now be available. To ensure no virus was included in the network restoration, ITS used backup files through April 7. Files created or saved on the network drive since that date – such as the W, Y and V drives – are no longer available.                                                       

Students in online classes can access their course materials as soon as Blackboard services are restored. Synchronous online classes will resume Thursday, April 27.

Updates will continue to be posted to this page daily. 

FAQ (Added Tuesday, April 25, 2023)

What classroom technology can I use?

Will the Student Research Conference go on as scheduled?

I have a Mac or Linux device and cannot login to my machine. What do I need to do?

Will payroll be affected?

When can I expect ITS to service my computer?

University Information Technologies Update, Monday, April 24, 2023

ITS has continued to make progress in the recent cybersecurity virus attack and is hoping to have some Truman network services, including internet, available sometime early afternoon on Tuesday, April 25. On Monday, April 24, ITS preliminarily assessed all primary campus machines at risk for this particular virus. Only Truman-issued Windows-based devices appear to be at risk. Student and employee personal devices are not affected. 

Not all services will be immediately available. Blackboard and employee email are expected to be active later in the week. Servers will be brought back online as ITS clears them.  

 Truman employees will be notified when Truman-owned workstations are ready to be powered on.  

Online classes are cancelled Tuesday, April 25.

Updates will continue to be posted to this page daily. 

FAQ (Added Monday, April 24, 2023)

What do we know about the attack?

Is it safe for student to use Google Drive?

How long will it take for this to be resolved?

What is the University doing to resolve this issue?

Was any data or secure information compromised?

University Information Technologies Update, April 23, 2023

On Friday, April 21, the Truman network was subjected to a cybersecurity virus attack. Out of an abundance of caution, ITS recommended all Truman-issued computers and workstations be powered down and remain inactive until the event was resolved. Student devices are not at risk. Personal devices are safe to use on campus but will require cellular data.  

 As a precautionary measure, Truman ITS took down the University’s network. An investigation into a resolution is underway. At this time, the University is asking for patience until the network and services are brought back online.

Until the University network is restored, updates will be posted regularly at

Monday Classes

In-person classes will proceed, although instructors should be aware classroom technologies will not be available. Online classes for Monday, April 24 are cancelled. Faculty members will be accommodating with regard to any assignments or projects due or assigned since April 21.

University Offices

University offices will remain open. Hourly employees should manually keep track of their hours until services are restored.


All Sodexo food services options remain open including all dining halls, C-stores and Mainstreet Market.

Library Services

Pickler Memorial Library remains open to provide study spaces, however the library online databases are unavailable. The library catalog is available and items can still be checked out. 

Student Health Center and UCS

The Student Health Center and University Counseling Services remain open and able to see students for any previously scheduled in-person appointments, and walk-ins are welcome.

Student Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center is open.

FAQ (Added Sunday April 23, 2023)

Is the internet working?

What can I use, in terms of devices on campus?

My personal computer was on the network and then I took it home and connected to Wi-Fi there. Is my home network at risk?

Will employee pay be affected?

Will Student Research Conference be rescheduled?

If I find a computer powered on in a classroom what should I do?

When will the network be restored?

I have a Mac or Linux operating system at my workstation. Is it safe to use?

Is it safe to use a Truman owned Windows PC on my home Wi-Fi?